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The truth is designing and or redecorating your perfect space can be time consuming, and costly without proper help or knowledge. Beautiful before and after pictures on social media, and heavily edited home improvement shows make the design process seem like a breeze. From quality checking items, directing vendors, and staying on budget in a timely manner, our senior designers will take over all of the complicated day-to-day operations so that you are able to focus on the end result, your new space. Save yourself the time of going over vendor reviews, hiring the wrong contractor, or finding someone with whom you can trust. Elevated Spaces has access to qualified vendors, who know how to get the job done. There can be a lot of tricky elements when it comes to designing a space, with the help of our senior designers and their attention to detail, your end result will be nothing short of those beautiful inspo pictures you once thought only existed on Pinterest.

Meet Your Designers


Brittany Coleman

Partner/Designer, specializing in effortless laid-back living and organization. 


Samantha Schell

Partner/Designer, specializing in creative styling and story telling.

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