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The Design Timeline

At Elevated Spaces our primary goal is to solve our clients design problems in an organized, inspiring, stress free manner. Our team is dedicated to working with you to ensure your new build, new furnishings or renovations experience is exceptional. Our phases of design are created for both the client and design team to ensure a timely and organized finished product. 

Initial Concept Phase


Elevated Spaces is determined to create an authentic story for your space. Our senior designers take the time to learn about you, your lifestyle and the goals for your space. Elevated Spaces has created a detailed questionnaire based on the type of space you are working with. Our team will then create an estimated timeline forecast as well as budget estimations. This provides clarity throughout the process of how we will achieve the space you want and how we are going to get there. 

Design Phase


As our creative team is designing we document virtually everything one will see, touch, hear or experience from the moment they walk into your space. All of these senses are displayed in a visual presentation (mood board) that will then be explained by our senior designers. The customized mood board includes conceptual sketches, color schemes, artwork selections, furnishings and finishes. This is the time if you have any questions or concerns to raise them to our senior designers. Elevated Spaces is dedicated to saving the client time and money by spending the time to truly understand our clients lifestyle and designing a unique space with ease. 

Construction & Admin Phase


This is the step where you get to sit back and relax as the Elevated Spaces team works diligently to make your dream space become a reality. We price all items for the complete budget scope. We then use this time to fulfill ordering and quality checking all inventory. We then team up to work with any vendors, contractors, craftspeople or artist to then implement our vision for your finished product. We oversee and perform regular site visits, and oversee full-day installations. 

Project Reveal


This is the most exciting of all the phases, as you can imagine! We will then walk you through all of the completed spaces, showcasing all of the design concepts that have come to life. 

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