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If you want to change the world, start with making your bed!

When I was a little girl, my dad instilled in me the importance of making my bed every morning. I used to think of it as cruel and unusual punishment — one of my dad’s military demands — but as I’ve gotten older I can’t thank him enough for this small habit, now ingrained in my everyday routine.

These days, I find that if I do forget to make my bed, I can almost guarantee my day will be off to a chaotic start. And it turns out there’s science behind this. Making your bed is directly linked with improving your mood, and aids in lightening any emotional burdens you may have. Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project” stated that during her research she found that one of the most simple changes that led to happiness was making the bed each morning.

Making your bed might seem a small accomplishment, but it’s your first one of the day. It reinforces the fact that the “little things” truly do matter. Once in the habit of making your bed, you’ll likely want to keep the rest of your room tidy.

Obviously we all lead different lifestyles, and some of us have very little time to make the bed let alone “style” it. Here are some pro tips on how to style your bed in 5 minutes or less every morning.


Bed Materials

  1. 4 Sleeping pillows (king size for king bed, standard or queen size for all other beds)

  2. Duvet Cover (makes it easier to wash)

  3. Duvet Insert

  4. Flat Sheet

  5. Fitted Sheet

  6. 3 28x28 pillows

  7. 2 22x22 pillows

  8. Lumbar Pillow

  9. Throw blanket to add texture

  10. Mattress Pad

This is a really quick and low maintenance way of making your bed. Pull your duvet cover to a slant, exposing the fitted sheet. Then to create your layers take a textured throw blanket and add it to the foot of the bed. The pillows are simple with this look, just stack your 4 king size pillows with seams facing inside, and add an oversized lumbar pillow to finish the top space of the bed.


For a clean refined look fold down your duvet towards the lower middle part of your bed. Take a small throw blanket and create a division between the the pillows and the duvet. We tend to use throws with tassels with this look to give the space more texture. Take your four king size pillows and stack them on top of each other. Then take your 3 28x28 pillows and "karate chop" the middle of the top part of the pillow. Finish the space by adding your 2 22x22 pillows following the same step with the "karate chop".


With this look you're going to want to pull your duvet cover all the way to the top. Stack your 4 king size pillows on top of each other, and then place your 3 28x28 pillows in front (don't forget to chop). Then place your oversized lumbar in front to separate the space. Take a chunky knit blanket and drape across the middle half of the bed to create dimension.


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